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Hello and Welcome to Plastiek !

In case you’re wondering what we do,
why on earth we are doing it and who we are. You came to the right place!


We make digital comics that push the limits of visual storytelling. Using a technology called
(awesome 2.8 dimensional comic framework)
we create comics that draw you into their richly animated world And let you control the viewing angle. -a taste of plastiek- is our free app where you can get a glimpse of our work and keep updated on our latest news.


We looove comics. So we want to make the most awesome comics possible! We want to Create an amazing experience that our own inner child would love to read.


André Bergs
Born in the swamps of the netherlands 42 years ago. He was raised on a steady diet of comics,
games and animation...and still shows
no sign of having had enough.


Thawatchai ‘Boat’ Chunhachai
He has a beautiful name that rhymes.
He lived in Bangkok for 36 years and has worked in the animation industry for more years
than he’d like to admit.

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- André Bergs & Thawatchai Chunhachai -